About Maud Le Car

Born in 1992 and originally from St Martin, where she started surfing at the age of 12, Maud Le Car is a professional surfer, an artist and a model. She has been living in the South West of France for the last few years.

In 2023, she won the French championship in Biarritz, the 3rd of her career. Particularly committed to the environment, Maud created the Save La Mermaid association to protect the oceans. She received the support of her sponsors, with whom she set up a number of initiatives to clean up beaches and raise awareness among young people.

Maud has been an ambassador for Evergreen Land products for almost ten years now, in particular with the Parakito brand, which has accompanied her on all her travels to surfing competitions, and more recently for Aromakito which helps her to prepare for her competitions thanks to the various inserts which help her to achieve the mood she wants.