Aromakito believes in the benefits of natural essential oils and fragrances to help improve your everyday wellbeing. By staying close to you all the time, Aromakito is here to make sure that wherever you are, you can enjoy the positive impacts of our scents on the go.


Our quality sourced ingredients are all formulated in France, with blends aimed at achieving the mood or benefit you’re looking for. Our bracelets are specifically designed to be easy-to-use, with refillable
inserts, enhancing wellbeing in your everyday life, especially on the go.

Wellness on the move

Aromakito is here for people who want to be proactive about making self-care a priority in their lives.

We believe that it’s important to let nature’s benefits, like essential oils, provide us with some much-needed relaxation.

Aromakito is your go-to companion for personal wellness on the move. We offer portable aromatherapy made with the finest essential oils and fragrances blends, infusing your day with nature’s power, wherever you are.

Scents on the go

For the dynamic individual who navigates a fast-paced lifestyle, Aromakito presents the perfect fusion of convenience and wellness. Our innovative aromatherapy solutions are specifically designed for those on the move, ensuring that wellbeing doesn't take a backseat to a busy schedule.

Each Aromakito product is a testament to portability and ease of use, offering a wearable aromatherapy experience that fits seamlessly into any routine.
Whether you're commuting, traveling, or simply managing day-to-day tasks, Aromakito is your companion in maintaining relaxation and balance, allowing the benefits of natural essential oils to accompany you wherever life takes you!